Orienteering USA Announces MTBO Team USA

WASHINGTON, DC – Here we go again! Orienteering USA announced a new seven (7) member team to represent the United States at the 2014 World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships (WMTBOC) in Poland on August 24-31, 2014. This 2014 Women’s team consists of World MTBO veterans Sue Grandjean and Abra McNair, with newcomer Liz Notter (Quantico Orienteering Club – QOC). Meanwhile, the Men’s team will see the return of Tom Puzak and Joe Brautigam, with newcomers Peter Jolles and Dave Swanson.

The challenge this year will rest with the veteran team members has they coach the newbies in World-level competition do’s and don’t. Bulls-eyeing checkpoints, correct punches, and speed will all be necessary if Team USA is to break the top 20 this year. Many World-level programs find their stride in their third year, however, American MTBO isn’t exactly a program as much as it is a collection of enthusiastic athletes. But plenty of other American sports have started as rag-tag groups of enthusiasts, only to surprise the World. Every year, Orienteering USA finds a team of riders that are willing to take up the challenge and move American MTBO another step forward. Could this be America’s year for World MTBO success?

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