MTBO Returns to Rosaryville

ROSARYVILLE, MD — The Quantico Orienteering Club (QOC) is holding a Spring-time Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) event at Rosaryville State Park, Rosaryville, MD — weather permitting; last year this event was rained out. This event is to be held in the morning before their regular, Foot Orienteering event with a choice of either a Short Distance (8km- 5.0-miles) or a Long Distance (12km- 7.5-miles) course. For more information, start times, and directions, check out the QOC Event Website.

What Is MTBO?
Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) is mountain bike riding with a map. Unlike a normal mountain bike race or riding event, the course is not set. You determine how you travel by using a map to find a number of orange and white flags hidden along the trails in the forest. By finding the flags (or controls) in order, you work your way through the course, going from flag to flag. Only the the decision on how fast you go, or which trails you ride, is completely up to you! The goal is to complete the course by finding all the controls in the fast time possible.

About Rosaryville State Park
Rosaryville State Park is the host to one of the most fun MTBO courses in Maryland. This park is a tangle of criss-cross-apple-sauce trails, but with a little patience, a compass, and your wits to aid you, you can turn this park into a fantastic Mountain Bike riding experience!

About the MTBO Courses
QOC has designed the MTBO courses to be ridden by anyone. Some consider the Long MTBO Course to be the for the more experienced, while the Short MTBO Course is more for the beginner or intermediate MTB rider. Fortunately, with Rosaryville’s nice loop trail system, both courses can be ridden by anyone so long as you remember which way is North!

Experience Foot Orienteering Too
In addition to the MTBO event, QOC will be holding their Foot Orienteering event after the MTBO event is concluded. You can experience some of the foot orienteering courses to make it a full day of adventure, or really turn up the heat and attempt your very own orienteering duathlon event by signing up for both events. In past years QOC has had a separate registration fee for those who wanted to experience both events.

About MTBO America
It is the mission of MTBO America to bring Mountain Bike Orienteering to the forefront of American orienteering competitions and build a competitive environment that will allow athletes to compete in the sport both regionally, nationally, and internationally. Learn what you can do by visiting MTBO America today!