Why the BikeReg and USAC partnership announcement matters to OUSA

I like thinking about what a growing Orienteering community would look like.

Remember back when OUSA spent a bunch of money to design their own registration software?

Yup. All but forgotten.

Well, this week a big national organization is doing the exact opposite of what OUSA is currently doing when it comes to spending money on in-house registration software development.

After several years of USAC trying to build their own registration and results from software developed in-house, they finally decided that it made more sense to partner with people who actually know how to design and build sports software that works.

Why does this matter to Orienteers?

Because this partnership represents something that OUSA board should take notice on — it combines National Org events, regional events, local events, one-off events, and fringe events — that are being produced by more than just one organization — into a single-source that benefits ALL RACERS (i.e. Customers)!

It is Customer-Driven thinking, not Organization-Driven thinking.

Imagine if all Rogaine, Adventure Races, MTBO races, and Orienteering events could be all registered for using a centralized, well marketed and well-maintained Software-as-a-Service that OUSA had a stake in but didn’t have to spend a ton of money running?

Food for thought…

Meanwhile, here is the joint BikeReg and USA Cycling Press Release:

BikeReg is pleased to announce a new partnership with USA Cycling, the national governing body for the sport of cycling in the United States. BikeReg will become the Official Registration Partner for USA Cycling and provide access to new functionality such as the USAC online waiver, robust permit and license verification, and more.

While the focus of this partnership is on bringing new tools to sanctioned events, BikeReg will continue to offer the same industry-leading platform, providing all types of events, whether sanctioned with USA Cycling or not, with the best possible registration, management, and marketing platform.

“We’re very excited to partner with our sport’s national governing body,” said BikeReg CEO Ross Krause. “For over two decades, we’ve worked hard, creating tools and offering support to event directors that simplify their process and help increase participation. To open that up to a larger market and help grow the sport with our new partner is truly exciting.”

Implementation of the major benefits for event directors are expected by early Summer of 2019, with continued development of tools and resources from both BikeReg and USA Cycling over the coming year.

We will keep all BikeReg users informed as new features and opportunities are developed.