BURKE, VA — After three years of advocating for the advancement of Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) in the United States of America, MTBO America (www.mtbo.us) has given their popular blog a face lift with their new design developed by Trenchbucket. The redesign of MTBO America features increased readability, social media icons, simplified categories, and better search functionality.

Overall, the site looks clean, sophisticated  and ready for the next level of MTBO advocacy expected to take place in 2013. Some of the posts from the past have been removed to make room for the more hard hitting editorials that MTBO America reader’s have come to expect from Reckoneer Executive Director and Senior Editor, Kyle Bondo. Plus the site has a nice connection to metatags, opens each new posts to comments from the MTBO community, and even makes room for upcoming MTBO events you are certain to want to know about!

If you get the chance, take the new website for a spin and see what MTBO America has been up to while advocating for the creation of a Mountain Bike Orienteering racing series in America in the next few years. And if you like what you see, feel free to join their cause too!

About MTBO America
MTBO America is dedicated to creating a sustainable and competitive amateur Mountain Bike Orienteering market to the United States of America. To accomplish this we have made it our mission bring Mountain Bike Orienteering to the forefront of American orienteering competitions and build a competitive environment that will allow athletes to compete in the sport both regionally, nationally, and internationally. Join our cause!