BURKE, VA — Every Valentine’s Day, MTBO America ages another year in experience, advocacy, and determination in getting the United States excited about Mountain Bike Orienteering. This year, MTBO America Turns the Big Four! Just four short years ago, www.mtbo.us started a movement that has led to Orienteering USA adding MTBO as a serious concentration, annual MTB Orienteering events being held across the nation, and the first Team USA entry into the World MTBO Championships.

MTBO America’s Grand Strategy is still to create a highly successful, competitive MTBO environment within the United States of America along side the creation of an internationally attractive MTBO circuit by 2020. We are also still on track to make a bid to host the World MTBO Championships in the United States of America in 2020. Here’s to hoping this year, and the next four go even better!

In celebration of our fourth MTBO America Anniversary, we’re offering MTBO America gear through Cafepress.com at reduced prices. When you buy Official MTBO America Gear, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting our advocacy to bring mountain bike orienteering to the United States!

You can also support MTBO America by sending us a donation. All donations over $100.00 will automatically include one of our MTBO America Gear items of your choice! Check out our Donations section for more information on how you can help MTBO America today.

Happy Birthday MTBO America!