About Us

Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) of America’s vision is to create a sustainable and competitive mountain bike orienteering sport culture withing the United States of America.

MTBO America Mission
MTBO America is dedicated to creating the framework, infrastructure, and governance required to develop a sustainable Mountain Bike Orienteering culture in the United States of America. We are on a mission to develop a nationally recognized championship system that will demonstrate, educate, and inspire the first generation of American Mountain Bike Orienteering champions. Now doesn’t that sound like a cause worth joining?

Europe and Australia have been building the sport of Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) since the late 1990’s, to include their own regional, national, and world championships. However, not until 2012 had there been an organized effort to bring MTBO into the forefront of American orienteering. After two consecutive years of World MTBO Championship participation, we have learned that we can field both M21 and W21 teams that can finish a race. We have plenty of data regarding registration fees, deadline, travel expenses, mountain bike shipping issues, lodging, transportation, opening ceremonies, race day requirements, timing, awards, and closing ceremonies. Additionally, we have tentatively created a self-selection process, had both men and women participate, and have had our first Orienteering USA official overseeing the team. Every one of these milestones has been essential to what comes next. We are a long way from where we were pre-2012, but we still have much more to do.

Call to Action
The vision of MTBO Project 2022 is to look beyond the World MTBO Championships in Europe and concentrate on a new strategy for becoming a competitive WMTBOC country by 2020. If MTBO America is to bring Mountain Bike Orienteering to the forefront of American orienteering competitions, then we must build the competitive environment that will allow athletes to compete in the sport both regionally, nationally, and internationally ourselves.

MTBO Project 2022
Every great mission starts with a break-out event that presents our sport to the community-at-large. For MTBO America, that break-out event will be our MTBO Pilot Program that will feature a race series designed to introduce the sport, create interest in continued participation, and put our plans and policies to the test before going national. We expected to launch our MTBO race series in 2018.

Goal #1
Our primary goal is to promote Mountain Bike Orienteering through event sponsorship, online communication, educational programs, and represent MTBO interests within national organizations such as Orienteering USA and USA Cycling. To accomplish this goal, we will begin our first year of competitive events in 2018 by standing up a competitive MTBO series at various local, state, national parks. Additionally, these public events will be accompanied by a marketing campaign that will include informational seminars, beginner athlete instruction, and promote race courses designed for all MTBO riders and interested clubs.

Goal #2
We on sharing our race series model with orienteering, adventure racing, and mountain biking clubs across the United States and encourage clubs to become part of a national MTBO race circuit. Each member club will form an essential “MTBO foundation” for a complete MTBO racing circuit. MTBO America will maintain the foundation by supporting clubs with the resources needed to create, set, and host local and regional MTBO events.

Goal #3
MTBO America will produce a National MTBO Championship beginning in 2016. This championship event will invite the top MTBO athletes from each local and regional event and culminate into a North American MTBO Championship event each year.

Goal #4
MTBO America will support Orienteering USA in selecting a US MTBO Racing Team from the final results of a North American MTBO Championship. This team will be created from the top ranked athletes each year and will be invited to represent the United States of America in the annual International Orienteering Federation’s (IOF) World MTBO Championships (WMTBOC), World Masters MTBO Championships (WMMTBOC), and World Junior MTBO Championships (WJMTBOC).¬†Selection of a US MTBO Racing Team will include providing officials and coaching staff, team training, expenses, travel, and all fees required for International competition.

Goal #5
MTBO America will create a positive MTBO environment capable of soliciting and winning the opportunity to host the World MTBO Championships in the United States of America in 2022. Since the location for WMTBOC’s is decided 2 to 3 years in advance, MTBO America will need to have a solid MTBO racing circuit and bid in place by 2020.

Join Us
We believe that the United States is ready for Mountain Bike Orienteering and have begun a movement to expand MTB Orienteering advocacy throughout the country! If you would like to be a part of the MTBO America movement, please contact us today! Or send us a donation to help us bring our Mountain Bike Orienteering revolution to your region tomorrow!